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Optimal Living Magazine was first birthed in the heart of T.R Hopson Shaw, in the year 2008. The vision came to Tanisha, while she was watching the evening news in her Washington, DC basement apartment. The headline for that evening discussed how the mortgage crisis had hit an all time high and many worried about how they would pay their bills. Instead of sitting around thinking about it, she immediately acted upon what God impressed on her heart! She decided to use her own gifts of writing, encouragement and faith to encourage people to live the most abundant life in spite of life’s obstacles. At that time, she was recovering from her own three year recession and was very familiar with the life struggles that an impending recession could mean for millions. 


She prayed about it, and moved as God directed her. Thus, Optimal Living Magazine was born!


If you ever wondered how to use your God given talents to move your life to the next level, then this is the magazine for you! If you ever wrestled with the idea of how God sees you and wants to prosper you in all areas of your life, then this is definitely the magazine for you! Optimal Living Magazine aims to inspire, uplift and give Godly wisdom and advice to those that seek it.


Today, Optimal Living Magazine inspires over 360,000 readers annually and hosts events to enrich the lives of women in the USA, and many destinations across the globe.



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