Great Reads

How I Discovered Jesus Christ Is Real

by Toshauna Giddings 

"In our lives we're faced with many struggles and hardships, some that we overcome very easily and others that may cause us to buckle. Throughout my life I have also faced my share of struggles. Some that made me want to take my life and end the race. But it wasn't until I had an encounter with Jesus Christ, that I found the key to go through life's struggles with peace of mind and overcome. I am able to go through because I now understand based upon the word of God that I will come through. You don't have to continue to go through the struggles of life on your ow.  Jesus has promised us he will never leave us neither forsake us, and may I tell you that this is true. Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to you in such a way that will cause You to desire him more, however you can never fully experience Jesus Christ by standing on the sidelines, because you will not understand how He operates or the principles He's governed by." - Excerpt from How I Discovered Jesus Christ Is Real 

Ginnie &Me

by Christine Walters

Christine Walters is an American author, speaker and entrepreneur. In April 2015, she opened her life to the world when she published a memoir titled, "Ginny and Me: Reflections of What God Can Do." Christine detailed the emotional impact mental illness can have a family. An only child with a mentally ill mom forced her to face many trials and tribulations throughout her young life. Her life experiences and tragedies have been detailed in, "Ginny and Me." This book became a safe haven to people across the world who felt that they were alone; who felt no one in the world felt their pain. Christine has gained notoriety as an influential speaker with a success story everyone can applaud. She is now an inspiring writer. Christine released a collection of prayers and letters she wrote to God, titled, "Prayers Gathered Along the Way." She continues to express to the world how God's mercy can get you through any situation.

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