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Brittany D.Claybrooks says, 

"Be true to yourself and the path God has you on, sister. It is literally the only way this will work. You may learn everything you can, network and workshop with all the right people, receive all of the right offers, and make all of the necessary money you need. However, when things get rough (and they will) you must be able to reflect on your purpose and what it means to you to have started the journey in the first place. It is extremely cliché, yet it is extremely real."

DeShauna Spencer says,

It’s human nature to wish you were in a better position in life or had more resources. When I give, it reminds me of the people who don’t even have what I may at times take for granted. Since starting kweliTV, I haven’t had the resources to give like I used to given my income and it used to really get me down.  But it’s not about how much you give.   It’s the fact that I’m able to do something, even if it’s small. I believe that we’re all put on this earth to serve our community with the gifts God gave us.


My past circumstances keep me grounded. The Lord showed up at a time when I really needed Him. I was either going to live or die. So, to look back at my past and recognize that I'm alive because of the Lord, I am very humbled every day by His grace. Additionally, God's promises towards me keeps me focused, and helps me to press forward, because of expectations.

Kiyonda Powell says,

"I believe I am blessed with the gift of creativity and it is my responsibility to walk in my purpose everyday to put this gift to good use. I am a driven person. I take the opportunity to examine the challenges I have had in business and work hard to apply what I have learned from those lessons. I have adopted the saying that “my missteps in business are not failures, but lessons that needed to be learned.” This helps me keep things in perspective." 

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Great Winter issue.  I enjoyed the Wifey series article and was very anxious to read the rest... Nevertheless, please send my compliments over to the write of that article.  I know that her testimony must have concluded in a great way!
T. Smalls – Charlotte, NC

Very inspirational magazine! 

T. Wells, Los Angeles, California

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