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About Our Publisher

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 Our Vision

Our lives are shaped by the choices we make every single day. When I was 5 years old, I looked up at the sky and had my first conversation with God. At the time, I was not pleased with my living conditions, and it made me determined to work hard to create a better life for myself.  I simply said,  “God this isn’t for me. When I grow up I’m going to be somebody great. I am not meant to live in lack.” From that point on, I worked hard and made choices based on where I wanted my life to go. 


If I wanted to get out of poverty, I had to stay away from the wrong crowd, study hard, open myself up to different academic experiences, get my education and not get pregnant before my time.  This meant that I had to say “no” to anything or anybody that was going to keep me from living the “diamond” life of my dreams. 


In spite of it all, we rise, fall, live and we learn.  I started Optimal Living Magazine at the point of my own personal recession.  Producing Optimal Living has been a source of personal healing, growth and revelation on many levels.  I’ve shared life changing principles and stories that have propelled myself and thousands our precious readers forward, since 2008.  Along the way, I realized some things I would do differently financially, in relationships and in business, if I would have known what I know today.  


Enjoy a free digital magazine and check out our new Diamond Life Soul Care Subscription boxes, journals and planners to get your mind right and prepared for the year ahead. 

Loving you always, 

Tanisha H. Shaw

"Build it, Bless Others, Use Wisdom & Protect It." 

Journaling the Stress of the World Away 

Journaling has always been a very important part of becoming one with myself for decades. For as long as I could remember, journaling has been my personal safe haven, a place to chronicle my life events, dreams, plans, profess my love for God, be corrected by the Holy Spirit and to build on my personal life rules. The distractions of this world can serve to entertain you for a time, but when the rubber hits the road, how do you figure out what’s going on in your soul and how to anchor yourself through any storm?


The late and great Dr. Myles Munroe once said, “Stress becomes unbearable when people don’t know what to do.” When life takes your breath away, journaling is that sacred space to lay down your cares, get clarity, strength, solutions and healing, during times like these.

During the pandemic, I started Diamond Life Journals to help women who needed motivation for the future, a sacred space to make sense of the enormous loss of life, anxiety attacks and relationship breakdowns. These journals provided a space to empower women through personal reflections, prayer and life affirmations.

At one point, I thought I was equipped to be a listening ear for friends going through all types of situations; however, I discovered the stress of their lives was wearing me down. So, I started teaching them to de-stress through writing and created journals and planners products to help them overcome challenges, become unstuck and victorious during their hard times.


When you show up to do your own work, nothing will be impossible for you...

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